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Most Popular Policies of United India

  • United India Insurance Family Medicare Policy
    This policy covers both the proposer and his/her family. Two add-on covers are also available under this plan to cover daily expenses in hospital and ambulance costs.
    Key features of Family Medicare Policy
    • No medical check-up required up to 45 years and Rs. 10 Lakhs sum insured
    • Maximum entry age is 80 years
    • Optional cover for critical illness is available
    • Organ donor treatment expenses are covered
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  • United India Super Top Up Plan
    This top-up policy covers medical expenses when total amount goes past the deductible limit of what you have to pay.
    Key features of Super Top-up Plan
    • Up to Rs. 2,500 coverage for emergency ambulance service
    • Selected day care procedures such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy,dental surgery, eye surgery, are covered
    • Coverage for In-patient treatment is available beyond threshold limit up to the sum insured.
    • Organ donor expenses are covered
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  • United India Individual Mediclaim Policy
    This health insurance policy is designed to protect individuals from medical expenses for both planned and emergency hospitalization
    Key features of Individual Mediclaim Policy
    • Organ donor expenses Up to chosen sum assured
    • Coverage for major surgeries Up to 70% of the chosen sum assured
    • Coverage available for Specific day care procedures
    • Coverage available for Ayurvedic treatment if undertaken at a government-approved center
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  • United India Senior Citizens Health Insurance Policy
    Senior Citizens Health Insurance Policy is designed to protect senior citizens in the age group of 61 years to 80 years.
    Senior citizen health insurance plan
    • Organ donor expenses are covered up to sum assured
    • Coverage for Cataract, Hysterectomy, Hernia up to 25% of sum assured
    • Major surgeries are covered up to sum assured
    • Ayush treatments are covered if it is undertaken at a government-approved center
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United India Topup Plan

The United India group, among the many Mediclaim policies they come up with, the most used and famous policy of theirs is the United India Top-up Plan. The policy seems to be perfectly fitting in the name. This particular policy covers the hospitalization expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred in India with respect of covered hospitalization during the policy term exceeding the threshold level.

Some of the benefits that the benefactors get are:-

Expenses that are incurred on Anesthetic, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, surgical appliances, medicines and drugs, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, artificial limbs, prosthetic devices, orthopedic implants etc are covered under the policy.
Room, boarding and nursing expenses are borne by the policy. The policy also bears the expenses incurred on surgeon, anesthetist, medical practitioner, consultants, and specialist fees.

The additional benefits of the policy are:-

Along with the above mentioned benefits given by the policy, the company also bears the pre and post hospitalization expenses. Ambulance charges by road which are not exceeding Rs.2,500/- per hospitalization are also borne by the policy.

The policy also offers cashless facility over 7000 hospital across India. There is also a free look period of 15 days that is to be applicable at the inception of the first policy.

The best part about the policy is that the premium paid for self, spouse, dependent children and dependent parents are exempt from Income Tax.

The policy can also be bought online from:-

United India also has a facility of buying the policy online with the help of credit cards or debit cards. You can also call in agent of the company home so that he can explain to you the details of the policy. Net banking is a feature that is not available with the site. Click on the link below to buy the policy online.

The policy features a few main points:-


The exclusions to the policy include:-

Naturopathy is excluded from the coverage.

Pregnancy and childbirth related issues are excluded.

HIV AIDS and related issues are not included under the policy.

Vaccination and Inoculation of any kind other than post-animal bite are excluded from the coverage.

All kinds of experimental or unproven treatments are excluded.

All kinds of external equipments are excluded from the coverage of the policy.

All pre existing diseases upto 48 months of continuous coverage is excluded.

Some of the eligibility criteria for the policy are:-

This policy is available in both Individual and Family Floater basis. On an individual basis, all family members including the parents can be covered under a single policy with varied sum insured and threshold level. Whereas; in the group basis, there is a single sum insured or threshold level for all family members covered under the policy. Parents of the benefactor are liable to take a different policy.

The age group of the benefactor should be between 18 years in the minimum to 80 years in the maximum. The policy term is of 1 year after which it is renewable. The children of the family between the ages of 3 months for the minimum to 18 years in the maximum are automatically covered only if either or both the parents are covered.

Any child who is above 18 years will cease to be covered if they are employed or self employed or married. There are various options with different sum insured and threshold levels available with the United India.

A few critical points to remember for this policy include:-

All claims that are to be made will be paid in Indian Rupees only. The claim form should be collected upon the intimation of the claim. The completely filled in claim form along with all the required and relevant documents like hospital bill, medicinal bills etc is to be submitted to the Third party administrator (TPA) within 15 days from the date of discharge from the hospital.

If the features and specifications entice you enough to buy the policy then click on the link below and fill in the form, pay with the help of credit cards or debit cards and within no time you will be able to get the policy at your doorstep.