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Most Popular Policies of United India

  • United India Insurance Family Medicare Policy
    This policy covers both the proposer and his/her family. Two add-on covers are also available under this plan to cover daily expenses in hospital and ambulance costs.
    Key features of Family Medicare Policy
    • No medical check-up required up to 45 years and Rs. 10 Lakhs sum insured
    • Maximum entry age is 80 years
    • Optional cover for critical illness is available
    • Organ donor treatment expenses are covered
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  • United India Super Top Up Plan
    This top-up policy covers medical expenses when total amount goes past the deductible limit of what you have to pay.
    Key features of Super Top-up Plan
    • Up to Rs. 2,500 coverage for emergency ambulance service
    • Selected day care procedures such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy,dental surgery, eye surgery, are covered
    • Coverage for In-patient treatment is available beyond threshold limit up to the sum insured.
    • Organ donor expenses are covered
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  • United India Individual Mediclaim Policy
    This health insurance policy is designed to protect individuals from medical expenses for both planned and emergency hospitalization
    Key features of Individual Mediclaim Policy
    • Organ donor expenses Up to chosen sum assured
    • Coverage for major surgeries Up to 70% of the chosen sum assured
    • Coverage available for Specific day care procedures
    • Coverage available for Ayurvedic treatment if undertaken at a government-approved center
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  • United India Senior Citizens Health Insurance Policy
    Senior Citizens Health Insurance Policy is designed to protect senior citizens in the age group of 61 years to 80 years.
    Senior citizen health insurance plan
    • Organ donor expenses are covered up to sum assured
    • Coverage for Cataract, Hysterectomy, Hernia up to 25% of sum assured
    • Major surgeries are covered up to sum assured
    • Ayush treatments are covered if it is undertaken at a government-approved center
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United India Super Top Up Plan

The United India Super Top-up Plan is a one of its kind plan that is devised to suit the health insurance needs of an individual and his whole family in one single go. The sum insured ranges from 3 lac to 15 lac with different threshold levels. The benefits and features of this policy are so much that it has been widely appreciated by the benefactors.

Some of the benefits given by the policy are:-

Emergency ambulance charges ranging upto Rs. 2,500/- per hospitalization is covered by the policy.
Day care procedures like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, eye surgery, dental surgery, lithotripsy, D and C, Tonsillectomy etc are also covered by the policy.
In-patient treatment is also covered in excess of threshold limit upto the sum insured.
The expenses related to the organ donor for the transplant are borne by the policy.
The policy also bears the pre and post hospitalization expenses of the benefactor and his family. The pre hospitalization expenses are borne from 30 days prior to hospitalization and 60 days of post hospitalization expenses are also borne.

The policy can also be bought online:-

If you own a credit card or debit card and are willing to buy the policy, then you can buy the policy from the link given below. If needed, you can also in an agent of the company to come to your home and explain to you the details of the policy. After filling up the requisite details and having the pre-policy medical checkup done, you will be getting your policy at your doorstep.

The coverage of the policy is:-

The United India Super top up plan covers both cashless facility (if hospitalized in a network hospital) and reimbursement facility (if treatment done in a non-network hospital). The policy also works into two bases. It can be accessed individually or you can also cover your family under the policy.

The exclusions to the policy include:-

Any kind of pre-existing diseases will be covered after a period of 4 years of continuous coverage. Before 4 years, the pre-existing diseases will not be covered.

AIDS and other related diseases are excluded from the coverage of the policy.

Any kind of injury or disease suffered because of War or participation in any criminal activity is excluded from the policy.

Naturopathy, acupressure and other such therapies are also not included under the policy.

Eligibility criteria of the policy are:-

The entry age for the benefactor of this policy minimum is 18 years. 3 months being the minimum age for dependent children. In the maximum, it is 80 years and 18 years for children (female unmarried and unemployed) and 26 years (male pursuing studies). The term of the policy is that of 1 year. The maximum sum to be insured stands at 15 lac whereas; the minimum sum to be insured stands at 3 lac. A pre policy medical checkup is necessary for the benefactors who have an entry age of 45 years or above. United India can terminate the policy by giving a written notice of 7 days. The benefactor is also allowed to terminate the policy anytime by giving a written notice. If in any case, there is no claim being made with respect to the policy, then the percentage of the premium will be refunded to the benefactor.

The estimated premium chart is:-

Options S.I Threshold 0-45 46-60 Above 60

For Individual

A 3 lac 2 lac 2100 2600 2900
B 5 lac 2 lac 2900 3600 4000
C 3 lac 3 lac 1700 2100 2300
D 5 lac 3 lac 2300 2900 3200
E 7 lac 3 lac 2900 3600 4000
F 5 lac 5 lac 1900 2300 2600
G 10 lac 5 lac 3700 4600 5100
H 15 lac 5 lac 5200 6500 7200

For 2 Persons

A 3 lac 2 Lac 3400 4200 4600
B 5 lac 2 lac 4600 5800 6400
C 3 lac 3 lac 2700 3400 3700
D 5 lac 3 lac 3700 4600 5100
E 7 lac 3 lac 4600 5800 6400
F 5 lac 5 lac 3000 3700 4200
G 10 lac 5 lac 5900 7400 8200
H 15 lac 5 lac 8300 10400 11500

If you like the features and benefits given by the policy then you can buy the policy online by using credit cards or debit cards. The link to the form of buying the policy is given below, click on it and fill in the required details. The policy will be there at your doorstep within no time.