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Most Popular Policies of United India

  • United India Insurance Family Medicare Policy
    This policy covers both the proposer and his/her family. Two add-on covers are also available under this plan to cover daily expenses in hospital and ambulance costs.
    Key features of Family Medicare Policy
    • No medical check-up required up to 45 years and Rs. 10 Lakhs sum insured
    • Maximum entry age is 80 years
    • Optional cover for critical illness is available
    • Organ donor treatment expenses are covered
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  • United India Super Top Up Plan
    This top-up policy covers medical expenses when total amount goes past the deductible limit of what you have to pay.
    Key features of Super Top-up Plan
    • Up to Rs. 2,500 coverage for emergency ambulance service
    • Selected day care procedures such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy,dental surgery, eye surgery, are covered
    • Coverage for In-patient treatment is available beyond threshold limit up to the sum insured.
    • Organ donor expenses are covered
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  • United India Individual Mediclaim Policy
    This health insurance policy is designed to protect individuals from medical expenses for both planned and emergency hospitalization
    Key features of Individual Mediclaim Policy
    • Organ donor expenses Up to chosen sum assured
    • Coverage for major surgeries Up to 70% of the chosen sum assured
    • Coverage available for Specific day care procedures
    • Coverage available for Ayurvedic treatment if undertaken at a government-approved center
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  • United India Senior Citizens Health Insurance Policy
    Senior Citizens Health Insurance Policy is designed to protect senior citizens in the age group of 61 years to 80 years.
    Senior citizen health insurance plan
    • Organ donor expenses are covered up to sum assured
    • Coverage for Cataract, Hysterectomy, Hernia up to 25% of sum assured
    • Major surgeries are covered up to sum assured
    • Ayush treatments are covered if it is undertaken at a government-approved center
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About United India Insurance Company

appolo_munich_logoUnited India Insurance Company Limited or UIIC came into existence on 18th February in the year of 1938. As many as 22 insurance establishments merged to form United India Insurance (UIIC). After Nationalization UIIC experienced rapid growth after nationalization. At present, United India Insurance boasts 18300 employees in 1340 offices across India to provide insurance policies to over 1 Crore policy holders. United India Insurance Company Limited (UIIC) has a wide range of insurance plans to cater to insurance needs of a diverse range of individuals, businesses, organizations.

United India Insurance has been one of the spearheads when it comes to design and implement complicated insurance plans for giant establishments. United India Insurance Company or UIIC has successfully provided reputed organizations like ONGC Ltd, Mumbai International Airport Ltd with different insurance policies.

United India Insurance (UIIC) is also the very first insurer in India to provide rural people with insurance covers. UIIC successfully carried out large scale campaign of Universal Health Insurance Programme of Government of India & Vijaya Raji Janani Kalyan Yojana that covers 45 lakhs women in Madhya Pradesh. UIIC (United India Insurance Company Limited) further implemented Tsunami Jan Bima Yojana that encompasses 4 states consisting of around 4.59 lakhs families. United India Insurance (UIIC) also executed many similar schemes like National Livestock Insurance.

Vision of United India Insurance Company Limited (UIIC)

• United India Insurance Company Limited (UIIC) aspires to be the most preferred insurer in India and to be recognized globally
• UIIC aims to earn the trust and be admired by all shareholders
• UIIC (United India Insurance) intends to provide bespoke customer service by making the most of multiple channels and latest technology
• United India Insurance Company resolves to offer a wide array of insurance plans to cater to insurance needs of customer from all walks of life
• United India Insurance (UIIC) proposes to become an outstanding organization to have highly skilled employees to work with
• United India Insurance Company Limited (UIIC) wants to be acknowledged for its social contributions

Introduction of UIIC (United India Insurance Company Limited)

• UIIC is one of the front-runners among general insurance companies in India
• United India Insurance (UIIC) boasts experience of over three decades in carrying out non-life Insurance operations.
• UIIC made its appearance after the collaboration of 22 companies after the nationalization of General Insurance in India
• Head Quarters of United India Insurance Company (UIIC) is situated in Chennai.

Corporate Mission of UIIC (United India Insurance Company Limited)

• United India Insurance strives to provide all with insurance protection
• UIIC aims to have all customer satisfied
• United India Insurance (UIIC) wants to work on the basis of ethically correct business principles
• The objective of UIIC is to reduce national waste and prosper Indian economy

Commitments of United India Insurance Company Limited (UIIC):

• United India Insurance (UIIC) is committed to act fairly, courteously and reasonably while dealing with customers
• United India Insurance (UIIC) is pledged to ensure clarity in claim processes and policy documents and provide complete information regarding products and services
• United India Insurance is obligated to resolve customers’ grievances as soon as possible through designated Customer Care Officers in every operating branch.
• UIIC (United India Insurance) is committed to cater to all general insurance needs that is commercially viable and provide citizens with new covers
• United India Insurance (UIIC) is dedicated to endow rural and weaker parts of the society with customized insurance policies at inexpensive price
• United India Insurance Company (UIIC) is vowed to construct professional workforce continuously for executing their assigned roles
• UIIC (United India Insurance Company Limited) is obligated to have consultation with shareholders on regular basis and establish mechanism for monitoring for seamless delivery of services to all customers

Standards of UIIC (United India Insurance Company Limited) for access to citizens

• UIIC (United India) shall host all information pertaining required documents for policies issuance and claims settlement on its official portal.
• United India (UIIC) shall make literature available about products and services in all branches
• UIIC shall reach out through electronic and print media, intermediaries and other active communication channels available.
• United India Insurance (UIIC) shall improve citizen’s access through its portal and call center
• United India has a fixed time to resolve customers’ grievance. Every Wednesday between 3 to 5 pm, the Officer-in-charge at United Insurance interact personally with customers

Standards of UIIC (United India Insurance Company) for servicing

• United India Insurance (UIIC) strives to maintain the timeline as per Regulator’ prescription in terms of servicing of policyholders.
• UIIC (United India Insurance) aims to be clear and transparent to its customer while asking for requirements for claim settlement and other services.

Standards of United India Insurance (UIIC) regarding openness and fairness

• United India Insurance is open to feedback regarding services they receive. United Insurance welcomes feedback that suggests rooms for improvements
• UIIC (United India Insurance) reviews the service quality on offer every year to improve the standards

Benchmarks of United India Insurance (UIIC) for servicing

• UIIC makes decision within 3 days of submitting proposals for various personal lines of Insurance
• United India Insurance (UIIC) makes decision within 7 days of submitting proposals for various commercial lines of Insurance
• UIIC issue all policies within 7 days of receiving premium
• United India Insurance (UIIC) issue notice for renewal 15 days prior to termination of policy
• UIIC (United India Insurance Company) appoints investigator or surveyor within 48 hours of being intimated about claim
• United India Insurance (UIIC) makes decision on claims within 15 days for retail and personal insurance plans and within 30 days for commercial insurances
• Customers of UIIC are provided with claim status within 3 days of making request
• UIIC pays out claim within 3 days of receiving discharge voucher
• United India Insurance (UIIC) inform customers about non-admissible claim within 30 days of receiving required documents
• UIIC (United India Insurance) have grievances registered integrated Grievance Management System.
• United India Insurance or UIIC has registered grievances monitored through Grievance Redressal System
• UIIC acknowledges grievances within 3 days and resolves the same within 15 days
• Customers can forward unresolved grievances to Head office of Customer Care Department of UIIC and get the resolution within 15 days

This Charter summaries what United India Insurance offers to citizens of India. The charter is neither a part of policy conditions or contract of customers of UIIC nor the service conditions to workforce of United Insurance or UIIC.

Offices of United India Insurance (UIIC)

Headquarter of UIIC or United India Insurance Company is located in Chennai. Apart from the headquarter, United Insurance has over 2046 offices including 28 Regional Offices, 406 divisional offices, 8 Large Corporate Offices, 673 branch along with 876 micro offices. UIIC further possesses 53 TP and Service hubs. United India Insurance (UIIC) also reached out to over 200 villages and tier II & III towns through their innovative Micro Offices.

Profit and performance of United India Insurance Company or UIIC

The net worth of United India Insurance was 5407 crores and the profit of UIIC in 2013-14 was 528 crores. In the same year, the gross premium of United Insurance also increased to 9609 crores.

UIIC accumulated a total premium of Rs 4,033 crore for the first six months of the fiscal year 2011-12. In the same period of time, the revenue from investment of UIIC was over Rs 803 crore.

UIIC posted a whopping 57% growth for the first half of the current fiscal year in net profit by reducing claims and management expenses from 37% to 25% and by increasing revenue in premium in all types of insurance categories.

Future plans of United India Insurance Company Limited (UIIC)

United Insurance or UIIC announced that its target in the fiscal year of 2013-14 is Rs.10,000 crore in gross premium. United India Insurance also aims to minimize underwriting losses and bring down last year’s premium less claims outgo from Rs.1760 crore to Rs.900 crore.

UIIC is currently focusing on SMEs and retail sector to ensure continuous growth. At present, United Insurance boasts about 400 micro-offices that collect around Rs.275 crore premiums per annum. UIIC (United India) is planning to start 100 more such offices all over India and hire more agents to add to the existing tally of 48,000 agents across the country.

United India Insurance Company or UIIC is awaiting IRDA approval to introduce three new insurance products under United India health insurance portfolio.

United India Health Insurance Plans

United India Motor Insurance Plans

United India Travel Insurance Plans

Contact Details — United India Insurance Company :

134, Greams Road, Thousand Lights,
Chennai-600006, Tamil Nadu
Phone: 044 — 28242909
Fax: 044 — 28294148